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Exterior Car Detailing

There is nothing quite like the feeling of getting behind a brand-new vehicle. While this is true, every mile you travel exposes the exterior of your vehicle to wear and tear, debris, loose gravel, road salt and an array of other potential hazards. This is when you can count on our mobile car wash in San Diego.

It’s important to note that we offer much more than just a quick wash for the outside of your vehicle. With our exterior solutions, you can feel confident we will take a hands-on approach and use the highest quality products available. Each of our team members have extensive training regarding how to remove any residue and dirt safely and easily on the exterior paint of your vehicle. We can handle everything from tree sap and road debris to oxidation, bugs, and an array of other elements. Our goal is to help restore the beauty of your vehicle while helping to maintain the appearance for years to come.

Vehicle Restoration 

Are you busy? Do you have limited time to properly care for your vehicle, but still want it to look great? If so, our car detailing service in San Diego is right for you. We provide high-quality results faster than other options. This means you will be able to see years taken off the look of your vehicle in just a fraction of the time that many other detailing services require. Within a few hours, we can restore the appearance of your vehicle. 

Exterior Detailing Solutions

So, your vehicle has not been cleaned in a while? That is alright! We are here to help. It does not matter what the current state of your vehicle. Our team will put in the time and effort to reverse the signs of aging and the thousands and thousands of miles that you have traveled. Our team can restore the shine on your vehicle’s chrome, glass, trim, wheels, tires, and more. 

Mobile Car Detailing in San Diego

We take pride in each service we offer. Our team will begin the exterior washing and detailing process by hand washing your car or truck with a microfiber mitt. We will then clean away any bugs, sap, or tar, and focus on the wheel wells, rims, and tires, making sure that all the dirt and brake dust is removed. Our goal is to restore the brilliant shine and beautiful finish that your vehicle had when you first brought it home.

When you choose our company for mobile car detailing San Diego, we will go above and beyond what is considered standard. We will also carefully clean the door jambs and trunk, removing all dirt and grime. Our goal is to leave no surface of your vehicle dirty – contact us today to learn more about the detailing services we offer an to set up an appointment.